ACC INTERNATIONAL STUDIO PROGRAMM: The Politics and Pleasures of Food (2014)

greekodorama 1_errands 2014

In the summer of 2014 and during the ACC residency the Errands group worked on the history of the semi-neglected-unsuccessful technique of Odorama and its relationships with food and everyday life in Greece.

Food is a highly charged political issue and has multilayered meanings and effects. The Greek population is experiencing an escalating economical crisis and a large part of it is being unable to cover basic needs. These economical/political/social conditions have idealized the image, smell or distribution of food and this way a number of institutions or parties are taking advantage of this reality.

Using and describing the technique of Odorama we’re trying to preserve its abandoned and failed state as part of its history, talking also in a subtle way about some aspects of the social situation in Greece. This way, we create a number of food images which are connected to specific fragrances that the audience is able to experience. At the same time through video documentation we describe the process of our research on the neglected practice and contemporary reality. This work has been created by the members of Errands group both in Weimar and Athens.

map copyright: Atlases Siolas – Alexiou © Stereoma S.A.



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