Group exhibition

Galleria Clou, Piazza San Giovanni, Ragusa

curated by: Francesco Lucifora


The specific language of each artist reassembles in the gallery a kind of informal parliament that discusses, informs and debates about the concept of control to land the places that are behind the systems responsible to monitoring of the private and public communications. If it is certain that there are controllers, now we must to reflect on “how” and “what” these controllers can be controlled , known and in some cases dammed or stopped. Each artist presents a video work and posters (produced for the exhibition) and through the interaction between language video and graphic offer a reflection on the structure of our society and the systems of control, implemented through media structures, information structures, of the politic and of consumption.

Problems of control persist: we are often controlled, coded, monitored, but it becomes difficult to identify those who control the holders of the control (if they exist). The project wants to intercept two specific elements: (1) the difficulty of certainty about the identity of those who control those who control us (2) the lack of knowledge between different populations of internal control messages to every nation.

The primary objective of the project as says Francesco Lucifora, curator of the exhibition, is to structure “a meeting of reliable and deep artistic voice” that has the strength and effectiveness of a device that relies on the work of video and posters “political” or less focused on different modes of communication to the populations or that who deal with unclear messages and of control.”

In parallel, the project using a kind of urban communication extends the project to the whole city of Ragusa exposing some posters on billboards located in differents point of the city, idea that follows the curatorial line and wants to give visibility to the works to the outside of the gallery Clou.


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