SITES OUT OF SIGHT: Workshop organised by errands group in Kardamyli (2008)

reinforced frame, brickwork walls, aluminium window frames

height: 6.50m, length: 5,30m, side facade 1: 1,10m, side facade 2: 2,50m, volume: 62m3, surface: 9.5m2


“Local Dispute”is a project that concerns a special construction discovered by the group of errands in Mani Peninsula. The narrow house was constructed due to a dispute between two neighbours concerning their land and their posibility to build. The narrow house has been built around 1998 with a legal permission, on a triangular shape of floor plan. It’s narrower side measures 1.10m and it is a two floors residential building. After a long term dispute in the court, the house was demolished in 2009. Mani is a peninsula in Greece, where controversities occure very often, therfore the house could be characterized as a modern monument of the area, referring to the old towers of Mani, built for battles between families.

The errands group collected information around the house, while it still existed, and presented the project at the ‘Un-built’ exhibition in Athens, 2008 (international architecture research events of The Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum) and the artist residency – workshop ‘Legitimate Possession’ in Kardamyli, Mani, 2010.

The material collected from the research was presented in the form of interviews printed in posters, a video installation of the demolition, photographs and postcards.

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