ARTIST RESIDENCY: Legitimate Possession (2010)

curated by: Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

During the artist residency (28 July-7 August 2010) called “Legitimate Possession”, in the small village of  Kardamili, in Mani, Errands transformed the abandoned roof of the building of the residency into an improvised open air cinema. The building  used to be  an old pastry shop  and for a short period, in the 80s, its roof was running  as an open air cinema, in parallel with the pastry shop. Errands  re-created the cinema in an improvised way by cleaning the roof,  installing a big sheet as a screen, using plastic chairs, a projector, a laptop, two loudspeakers and  an in-home hot-air popcorn maker. No object was bought. We used only things we already had, found  or borrowed. The movie screenings were announced with posters, that were put up all over the area. The cinema became the main entertainment of the village.